4 Ways by Which NGOs for Children Tackle Child Labour Problem

4 Ways by Which NGOs for Children Tackle Child Labour Problem

Child labour has been a persistent problem in various States of India. For years, children from economically backward classes have been helping their parents with their physical labour. As a result, the little ones are missing their basic education.

Child Labour is not Approved:

The 2006 Child Labour Prohibition Act took some steps to tackle this problem. The act stated that children below 14 years of age should not be subjected to any form of physical labour. However, there are many industries and businesses which have children workers.

How NGOs for Children are helping:

The silver lining is that this problem is getting addressed by different NGOs for Children in Kolkata. They are taking up several programmes that attempt to create awareness among the masses. Here are some of the top programmes to prevent this longstanding problem.

  1. Creating Awareness: The NGOs for children are reaching remote areas for making people aware. They are visiting places with insufficient resources and trying to make parents and children understand the vices of child labour. They are trying various ways to make impactful conversation.
  2. Making Commercial Companies Aware: NGOs have a steady effort to make commercial establishments aware of this problem. Children work in various industries, potentially harmful to their physical and mental health. The work of the NGOs is to encourage these enterprises not to hire child labours.
  3. Preventing Child Labour After Disaster: Seasonal disasters like floods, excessive rains, and storms affect children heavily. Most of the households lose their valuable possessions and money during this disaster. To make ends meet, the parents send children to work. The role of the NGO is to visit disaster-hit places and ensure that the children are being taken care of.
  4. Creating Grassroot Level Programmes: The child welfare NGOs get along with police and local authorities to create basic awareness. By doing so, the new parents can be made aware of child labour problems.

About Foundation Life for All:

A number of NGOs are on their duty to abolish child labour from the country. Foundation Life for All is a reputed name among them. They have taken commendable steps and created campaigns on various issues related to children. Child education, Abolition of child labour and child marriage is some of the areas they focus on.


Child labour is a problem that has been affecting the country for years. However, with the active participation of NGOs and local bodies, this problem is getting addressed quickly.