Childrens Happy Home

Children's Happy Home - NGO for Child Welfare in Kolkata

Foundation LIFE FOR ALL, NGO foundation Child Welfare in Kolkata adheres to the idea that all children should be given equal opportunities for development. The opportunity to use our full potential to fulfil our physical, intellectual and spiritual needs is a fundamental human right.

The United Nations Agreements on the “Children’s Rights Charter” are an initial step in the right direction, but there is still a long way to go. Foundation LIFE FOR ALL, NGO for child welfare and like-minded organizations, whatever their race, creed or colour, has pledged to work towards the day when every child can say: “I have had enough to eat today” and know the next day will be the same. Providing children with their basic necessities and ensuring that the door to future opportunities is open to them must become a reality at last, not just a lofty vision.

Foundation LIFE FOR ALL seeks to improve the livelihoods of the poor and vulnerable children and the sick within Katihar district in India.

The foundation is currently working in the fields of health, education and also running a children’s home for the orphaned children within Katihar district. So far, 10 children are being accommodated at the orphanage with all their needs, ranging from food and accommodation to clothing, health and education, being catered for by the foundation.

The Foundation LIFE FOR ALL is providing a home for 10 orphans where they can continue getting their needs catered for just like they were in their homes as well as an opportunity to continue with their education. This has however not been easy for the foundation as limitation of funds has necessitated adjustment of the budget to the most basic services. It is for this reason that we are calling upon your investment of 5 lacs Rupees For holistic development of these kids.

We need to build up new building to accommodate more children. It has bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, a kitchen, a caretakers’ room and a hall. The Future homes can accommodate between 20 to 30 orphans, of which most posts have already been reserved for children living in Sakraili and in the villages nearby. They will live in the home and attend school - a primary is in walking distance. This primary school is also supported by LIFE FOR ALL.