Few Tasks Undertaken By An NGO Foundation In Kolkata

Few Tasks Undertaken By An NGO Foundation In Kolkata

If you want to promote the well-being, comfort and happiness of society, look for a reputed NGO Foundation and fill the registration form. They try their level best to remove corruption from the society, keep the environment protected, stop misuse of power, preserve vulnerable groups and provide aid health to helpless children and women. It is easier for an NGO to help with democracy work if they don’t take any support from the government. Their primary objective is to ensure that the democracy of a country is protected and the officials follow their legal obligations.

Two Primary Tasks Of An NGO In Kolkata

  • Educate The People

Through an NGO, the people of a country come to know how their government is working, what responsibilities they are undertaking, and the impact of their work on the people. They also share vital information with the average people regarding the people in power. The information the public gets regarding various companies and their politicians helps them to make better decisions.

  • Medium Of Communication

Though every person living in this democratic country has the freedom to express their views and opinions and write to their political representatives, the mode of communication is not quite effective. But an NGO is considered to be the voice of the citizens of a country.

Since the decision made by an NGO Foundation in Kolkata is considered as the decision made by hundreds of people, they are given more importance. Few vital areas or topics on which an NGO has the right to express its views are international treaties, protection of rights, nuclear energy, human rights, constitutional rights, freedom of speech and fair worker pay.

Few Reasons For Which The Government Can Offer Money To The NGO

  • Provide legal advice to people who have been mistreated, like a working professional or a company.
  • Represent specially-abled people as the government feels that every class of citizens has their say during policymaking.
  • Ensure that all the promises made by the present government have been fulfilled and abide by all the laws. It makes it easier for the government to check whether people with power are misusing it.


Since your knowledge about NGOs and the duties undertaken by them has enhanced, it’s time you start looking for NGO Foundation in your city and get associated with them. Foundation Life for All aims at contributing to a better world by focusing on child aid, emergency aid and development cooperation.