How Are The NGOs Promoting Child Education In India?

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Education is both the means and the end to better living. It is a powerful weapon that helps yoau break out of the inter-generational cycles of poverty. Yet, even after 70 years of independence, uncountable children remain out-of-school. They are deprived of their right to education. Small children are forced to work as labourers to earn their daily bread. This is where institutions like the best Child Education NGO in Kolkata comes to their rescue.

Role of NGOs in Child Education

The NGO is a non-profit organisation working towards the betterment of the education system in India. They are aiding with development at the grassroots levels so that impoverished children get easy access to education. They help small but poor children go to school and build a better future. The NGOs consistently take significant steps to spread awareness about education and enrol as many children in the schools as possible.


A core part of their job is to visit remote villages to extend education to children who are underprivileged. This way, they connect the masses to spread awareness, ensuring that every child gets good education to march ahead in life. They also play a vital role in providing vulnerable students with the Right to Education; by conducting workshops, NGOs also ask for contributions to enable education ‘for all”, especially the disadvantaged section of the country. They formulate innovative ideas like forming groups to execute a child tracking system, hold awareness workshops for the parents, form parent committees to see whether the schools are running properly etc. The NGOs also help with mobilising the societies for productive and sustainable work, striving to provide youths with gainful employment. Hence providing education is the most pragmatic solution that they aim to offer children.

Contribution of the NGOs

All children, irrespective of their religion, birth origin, caste and class, should go to school to learn, interact, play and entertain with other children of their age groups. This way, they can build a stable life of dignity and contribute to the economy’s betterment.

  • Spread awareness about quality education
  • Providing quality education to the most deprived students from backward communities
  • Aim to make learning a fun experience
  • Coordinate with children’s group for community development, open libraries for improved learning, conduct children’s activities
  • Build learning centres for children from socially excluded communities


At Foundation Life For All, they strive to impart good quality education to every child. They have started a school named The Sri Manna Lal Sah Children’s Academy, affiliated with the CBSE board. For information, visit their website.