Importance of Child Care Home for Children with no Family After Covid

Child Care Home

The Covid pandemic has been a source of distress and separation worldwide. This infectious disease has taken away the parents of many children and plunged them into the world of unknown darkness. Now the question arises – who will look after these kids? Thousands of vulnerable kids are roaming around without proper food, shelter, protection, care and medical facilities.

Although many kids have been transferred to their relatives’ homes, not everyone has that lucky option. For those who have no place to go, the future and life are completely uncertain for them. Different NGOs for Child Welfare are taking initiatives to help these distressed kids. Building child care homes for kids who have lost both parents in Covid is a noble initiative taken by the NGOs.

Ways in which child care homes can help children

Keep them safe from child trafficking
These recently orphaned children are at high risk of getting mistreated by child traffickers. Hence, putting them into protective child care homes removes this threat. Moreover, while they are in the child care homes, advertisements for adoption can be floated through social media websites. This will give every child an opportunity to start a new family.


Provides basic education, food and shelter
Instead of leaving a child alone in the corner of the streets, it’s better to build care homes for them. While living in a care home will allow children to get basic education rights, food and shelter. Wandering about in the streets can put the life of the children at stake. They might get abducted or beaten up. They may also face fatal accidents. Hence, putting them into care homes is the best option.


Opportunities of getting vocational training
Care home facilities also give the opportunity of vocational training to the children. This will make them knowledgeable and develop their professional skills. They can start working from an early age and become financially independent. These facilities are a part of every care home.


Providing health care facilities

Safe homes are good for every child as it provides the opportunity of availing sufficient healthcare facilities. Street children may face infectious diseases which will endanger their lives. On the contrary, care homes are associated with hospitals and can provide the best care facilities to the children.

Foundation Life for All has taken the initiative to build a child care home to accommodate the kids who have lost their parents in Covid. Please join us in this noble initiative by contributing at your convenience. For further details, check our website.