Importance of Education for Underprivileged Children of the Society

Importance of Education for Underprivileged Children of the Society

Education has always been the turning point in every individual’s life which has helped them overcome their limitations with the power of knowledge. India is one of the fastest-growing economies globally and has been making progressive advancements in every field. However, there are still a million people in India below the poverty line and others deprived of their basic privileges. Among the different matters, child education for the underprivileged children of society has been an alarming matter of concern.


Some of the best NGOs in Kolkata have been trying hard for decades to evolve a professional curriculum for underprivileged children. The concept of the right to education,  an initiative taken by the Indian government, has helped many underprivileged children to join renowned schools of India. However, there are still millions of children involved in daily wage-earning and deprived of basic educational facilities.


Different NGOs for child education in Kolkata,  adopting a holistic educational approach, can benefit society’s children in the following ways. Read on to know more.

4 ways child education can help

Promoting child girl education

Out of all the underprivileged children, a girl child is the most neglected one. In the rural areas, the family’s detest sending their daughters to school. They are majorly involved in household chores and are married off at a very young age. Child girl education can limit these unprofessional instances in rural areas. Moreover, educating a girl child is necessary for the overall country’s labour force development.


Decreasing child labour situations

Due to the lack of social awareness programs, low-income families generally send their children to work in factories or stores early. Child labour might seem a promising option for low-income families; however, it mentally and physically damages a child’s future. Most children are interested in the factory premises and are forced to undertake hazardous activities. Hence the NGOs for child education in Kolkata, with their close association with the government, are trying to improve the livelihood of low-income families. They have opened evening schools to help the children work during the day and get educated during the night.


Prevention of child sexual abuses

Lack of proper education is the major reason behind millions of children being subjected to sexual abuse. With the help of sufficient knowledge and enlightenment,  children can identify the instances of physical torture and report the same to the social workers. On the contrary, an uneducated child will not differentiate the advancements and will suffer the consequences later. Thus,  child education is of vital importance in society.


Reduction in cases of illegal child activities

Uneducated and poor children of the society e are generally engaged in illegal activities like producing hazardous chemicals,  working in gas factories and being used as drug carriers. With the light of education,  these illegal activities can be erased from society permanently. The initiative of educating underprivileged children will eventually help improve the country’s overall employment rate.

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