How are NGOs Helping to Develop the Society?

The concept of NGOs or Non-Profit Organisations is very old. After the disastrous effects of World War II, gradually, the NGOs were formed. The major mission of the NGOs is to promote welfare activities for the poor, deprived and needy people of the society. Post-World War, the NGOs were formed to provide support to the people who suffered major losses during the war. Since then, NGOs have been playing an unbeatable role in remodelling and developing society.


NGOs for Child Welfare in Kolkata are majorly focused on providing education, hygiene and food facilities to the deprived kids all over Kolkata. The NGOs for children in Kolkata are trying to educate the poor children and help them develop a career for themselves in the long run. Children are the future of our society; hence, developing them and educating them contributes positively towards the upliftment of society.

3 Ways NGOs are helping in child development

Providing education

Although technology has provided a gateway for child education, not all people in Kolkata can afford to educate their children through schools. Thus, the NGOs establish free schools and social education programs in villages and slum areas so that no child remains uneducated. Moreover, different government initiatives have been taken to enrol the poor and deprived children into good schools to enjoy a normal environment and learn adequately.


Eliminating child labour
Child labour is prohibited and is a curse to Indian society. However, to meet their financial needs, low-income families are sending their kids to work. NGOs work with trade organisations and do effective jobs for the children that can fetch them money and help them with vocational training for the future. NGOs are also fighting for child labour prohibition.


Giving rehabilitation services
Many children are affected by drugs and are having anger issues that need management. NGOs conduct sessions with psychologically disturbed kids and provide rehabilitation facilities for them. They are also providing health checkups, medicines and food to malnourished children. In this way, the overall development of the poor children is ensured by the NGOs. Apart from these facilities, the vocational training on cooking, industrial works, medical practices is helping the distracted and demotivated poor kids find a ray of hope for themselves.


Life for All is one such NGO working day and night for the betterment of poor children. We provide medical and food supplies to the slum areas and the deprived kids. We make sure that no child is deprived of basic education rights. Check our website for more details on our services.